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UPDATE: Some awesome jobs in my field available - Seattle, Portland/Salem, NOW Bellingham!


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11/24/2105 Update:

I just got a notice for WWU in Bellingham and they're also now hiring/training an transcriber.  Same as the Seattle/Portland description below -- you'd need to be able to travel to the college to work onsite at the start.  Eventually, after a year or two (depending on their policies), you'd be able to start working from home. (Bellingham)


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One of the companies I contract with is hiring.  This can be a hard field to break into so this is a great opportunity for homeschool moms looking for work.  There are two positions, available.  (ETA - For those not aware, I transcribe high school and college classes in real time for deaf and hard of hearing students; really cool job!)


The first position is Scheduling Coordinator. This can be done from home via the internet/phone and work hours are 8-5 (PST) M-F. You must be able to devote yourselves solely to the job at times throughout the day, meaning it's not a "do the work when you can" job.  You work when schools are in session and there are constantly things coming up throughout the day that have to be addressed -- sometimes suddenly and very quickly.  I'm not applying for this position because of these demands. 


The second position is TypeWell Transcriber (info) and transcribers are needed in Seattle WA, Portland OR and Salem OR. You will work onsite, not from home. Minimum typing speed is 65wpm and you need to have a super awesome command of the English language with excellent spelling and grammar skills.  The company will train you!  That's a big deal.  You probably have to commit to working for them for a certain amount of time afterward, so keep that in mind.  You'd travel to schools in these areas and transcribe classes onsite.  Eventually you would be qualified to work from home with this, or other, companies.  TypeWell requires onsite experience before you can work from home. 


Check out the links below for more information.  They're pretty detailed.  If after reading the links, you still have questions, I can try to answer them, but please do look for answers on your own first -- I have a lot going on in my daily life so it can be hard to find time for extras!  Thanks. 


Scheduling Coordinator

TypeWell Transcriber


- - - -


Some additional notes: The same company is also hiring remote transcribers, which is what I do (transcribe classes all over the country from home), but you have to already be trained in TypeWell and already have onsite experience to qualify for that position. Also, if you don't live in the Northwest, you could search at the postjobfree website for "TypeWell" to see if there's anything available nearer you. 


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Question about these: are they actually in Seattle, Portland, and Salem, or are they based out of those cities with on-site work in areas around the cities? 


This would be important for people who may live in Seattle or Portland but don't have a car to get around.

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For the onsite transcriber position, one would have to able to drive to work and I think perhaps drive around to different job sites as well. I know this company does a lot of work at various campuses in the greater Portland area, for example. 

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