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Talk to me about the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum

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It is what Eldest is doing. 

After finishing Faber book 3A she added in a conservatory book. Then when he needed a new book they talked about it and he got to hear her, and see her play a few songs from book 3B and a conservatory book. He then got to pick whether to just do the conservatory book, or also 3B. He said he liked the songs in 3b so is also doing that book in addition to the conservatory book 2.  I think he is nearing the end of Faber book 3B.


She doesn't do every song in every book, at least I don't think so. Usually (I think) she selects two songs, and he listens to her play them, and then he picks one. 


I really like the teacher. She suits are desires perfectly. She encourages them to practice, but understands life happens. She is also now a good friend of mine and we sometimes go out for lunch when the boys are done piano lessons. I admit I am now very hands off for piano. When one boy is in his lesson I am in the living room with the other boy. Either reading a book or my own, or helping Youngest read or book, or once or twice I feel asleep. :p Then for practicing I just tell them to go practice and over to sit in the room while they do. At most I read Youngest the list the piano teacher wrote in the practice book. 


She has two piano recitals a year. Every student is invited and has the option of playing one or two songs. 


Here is a video of the boys playing. At the time of the video Eldest just turned 11, and Youngest was 9 1/2. Eldest would go through phases where he enjoyed practicing, and over all enjoys playing piano. Youngest's feelings range from a general dislike to tolerating it. The only reason he happily practices is that you get piano candy when you do so. In our homeschool you also have to take a weekly activity from a teacher other then me. He has been given other options (violin, dancing...) but says piano is better then those.


(If you are curious, since the rule apply's to everyone in the house I take Tap dancing and West coast dancing. Dh takes Java programming and/or West Coast dancing)


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