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Spelling rules for older student


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DD13 needs help with spelling. Although we used language arts programs that included spelling, she still misspells many words. She learned to read easily and kind of jumped over a lot of phonics lessons right into reading fluently. Now I can see that the spelling lessons that she had were not sufficient for solidifying the rules in her mind. I think she would benefit from a review of spelling rules, but I'd like something that is streamlined. She memorizes easily and does not need a workbook with tons of practice of concepts.


We don't want to devote a lot of our time to this, but we need to address it. I'm wondering if there is a program that presents a spelling rule and then a list of words that follow that rule. Something that can be done in just a year would be best. I don't want to drag this out over several years, because we need to use our time to work on other things.


Any ideas?


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How to Teach Spelling by Rudginsky might work (sorry, ugly link since I am on my iPad):




Some of it would be too basic, but you could go through and select the sections that made sense for her to practice and probably pare it down to a year's worth of study pretty easily. There are lists of words and dictation sentences.

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