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Curric that covers more advanced diagramming (for Potter's School)

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Have you looked at analytical grammar? It is split into 3 sections. The first is basic diagramming (basic 8 parts of speech) and the second and 3rd sections expand and get into gerunds, verbal etc. The other program I've heard good things about is grammar revolution. I've only used the free sections of the site but it's very helpful.

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Rod and Staff is very good at explaining diagramming and my kids have done well with it.  I would recommend year 6 or even possibly 7 depending on what background they have had in grammar, and yes just doing the diagramming.  I have heard many people use analytical grammar but I am not familiar with that one.  Good luck!

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CLP has diagramming Extra Practice Sheets workbook and answer key for $8.00 total which covers all of the diagramming in the language arts from k-8 and is succinct. We used it and found it helpful. They can be found on this page below:




I ordered this, I am also going to order Rod and Staff 6. Thanks

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