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Red Wagon Tutorials

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I just wanted to chime in on some constructive feedback on our experience with Red Wagon Tutorials. We have found the instructor to be well versed in the science subject matter he teaches, however, like several other parents have commented, we have found the teacher to be abrasive, demeaning and rather unhelpful to our students when answering questions in class. He asks if the students have questions, but he quickly skips over that opportunity for them to ask or answers them with a response, like..... it's in the book.

He is rigid and has high standards, which I normally find a relatively good quality, but he takes the rigidity to a new level and is quick to place blame and accept no fault. My students have appreciated his lectures but have become disheartened over the years by what feels like weeks of following his strict agenda and not enjoying discovering science. If you enroll in his online classes, just make sure you don't make any mistakes.

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