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Difference in yoga pants and leggings?

Liz CA

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You need to make a trip to Old Navy (kidding)


Yoga pants are nice for aerobics workout at the YMCA. Leggings is a lazy and warmer alternative to tights/pantyhose/stockings.

I have never had a pair of leggings that was anything like tights. They're all much, much thicker.



Some of my yoga pants are thinner than my leggings.

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Haven't read other replies, but here's my personal answer:


Yoga pants (link to VS ones, which are my personal faves) - super comfy.  Made for comfort and flexibility.   Fitted but not skin tight.  (Remember, this is my personal definition.)  Mine, for example, have a fold over waist, a slight flare on the leg, and are wonderfully comfortable.  They still make my backside look good.  Or does my backside make them look good?  Not sure.  :lol: :lol:  :D


Leggings  (link to Charlotte Russe leggings, which I also like, but I have several brands and no definitive favorites) - also comfy, but a very different style than yoga pants.  Mine aren't quite as comfy as my yoga pants, because there is a traditional elastic waistband, and I'm not as skinny as I once was. ;)  Leggings are best tight, not loose in any way.  They come in varying degrees of opaqueness, which is important to know when wearing.  :lol:  


They wear differently - at least mine do.  My yoga pants, I generally wear with other comfy clothes, but not long shirts that could come across looking baggy or oversized.  Something like this, this, or this - not a tight shirt, but something with some flow, and not too long.  Something that I can conceivably hang out in all day at home, that feels as good as my pajamas but still looks really cute.  (If I'm wearing my yoga pants to actually exercise in some way, I'm usually wearing a tank top, but usually I exercise in shorts.)  My leggings, I wear much the way the CR website has - with long sweaters or tunics, under dresses or skirts occasionally, with shorts and boots, etc, etc.  

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