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Book Suggestions for an 8 year old girl?

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What's a good chapter book for an 8 year old girl to read independently that's at about a 3rd grade reading level / reads beginning or short chapter books. She was able to read James and tend Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr Fox and Junie B Books. The Americam Girl books are a tad above her level so I read those aloud to her and let her read out loud to me a page, I take a turn, etc.


She likes horses and animals.


I want to try the something you want, something you need, something to share, something to read.


Right now I am thinking---

Want - kitten surprise

Need - a new riding helmet

Share - ticket to ride USA

Read - ?

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My kids loved Ron Roy's A to Z Mysteries--a nice, long series to keep going on for a while.  (Right now I love series, otherwise I feel like I'm constantly trying to help them find something they want to read.)  The Littles is another series that's about that same reading level.  I think of Boxcar Children as being a step harder--though some of that may be purely due to length.  In the same difficulty vein as Boxcar Children would be Trumpet of the Swan and The Mouse and the Motorcycle, which are more animal-centric.  DD is my Boxcar Children reader, while DS has been enthralled with EB White's animals.


One I haven't had in-hand yet...  My daughter spotted a series in the Usborne catalogue called Fairy Ponies.  I found her an excerpt online, and she liked it.  I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed decently written, not like some of the ridiculous girly books out there.  That looks to be about 3rd grade reading level, as well, and you can find them on Amazon.  Usborne lists the first book as 780L.  I'm considering...  I laugh, though, that this series combines fairies, ponies, and royalty--three major themes many girls seem to love.

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My kids have enjoyed the animal ark and pony pals series - neither of which I think are remarkable literature but they are fun and they read nonstop when we get them from the library.

They also like Circle C books - there are different levels - I think 2 sets for girls based on age. They love those too!!! We have tons of other favorites but those are all about animals!

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I asked a similar question here:



Cam Jansen is her current favorite. However, it's more of a 2nd grade reading level.


I highly recommend Milly Molly Mandy and the Wilder books if they are not too hard for her.


Hope she finds something she likes!

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