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Under garment and pants question for a specific body type.


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Hate to burst your bubble, but I hate shopping, lol!  I actually have to go this weekend because my pants fell off in the grocery store parking lot this week...luckily I had on a long t-shirt and grabbed them before anyone noticed. But yeah, time to shop. Boo. I hate it. But I waited long enough I can probalby shop now, then not again until I hit my weight loss goal. So that's good. 

Darn.  Oh well, doesn't hurt to dream a bit!


I hope you find something good today. I'll send you some positive shopping vibes and well wishes for bargains and so many wonderful choices that you will have a hard time choosing.  :hurray:  :hurray:

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Hannah Andersson works well for my crack-showing, apple girl. Their day-play dress is wide and swingy, and the leggings are roomy.  I've always found ours at a consignment store or ebay.

Lands End dresses are cut generously. My girl has a belly and we struggle to find things that aren't too clingy at her midsection (drop waist is a big no-no).

This DD also wears a lot of boy clothes. The tend to be roomier (especially t-shirts, since once you hit a certain kid size (10-12ish, the girl tshirts tend to be long and skinny and tighter).


For comparison, my girl is 7 but weighs about 90 pounds.  She is most comfy in 14-16 tops and bottoms...but we deal with the gaping neck issues and too long in the leg problems. :(

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