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4th grade math


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My 4th grade daughter is the one who thinks the most differently from me... so math has been a challenge.


She was in RightStart but hating it (my oldest and 3rd both love it) because it was, I think, too easy.


We moved onto Beast Academy and she hated it after a few weeks. We kept going for maybe 6 to 8 weeks and then it was clear that it was not going to be a good place for her. (Tears if I even mentioned the books.)


I decided to try MEP (hey, it is free!) and the first three weeks were hard, the second three weeks were just right, and now it is too easy. But, on the other hand, she is confident in math and enjoying it for the first time in quite a while.


So, now we're doing 1.5 MEP lessons per day, 1 page of Intensive Practice 3B, and 1 page of Beast Academy (because, with her new confidence, it is easy for her to churn it out). But this is too much! Should I drop Intensive Practice? Beast Academy? 


Not sure how to streamline and make sure we are covering all our bases. We only got Beast Academy out again (since I was so sure she hated it for life) when she complained we hadn't done it in a while. 



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I can relate--my kindergartner is in a weird math place, too. (We've tried RS, Hands-on Thinking, and Singapore so far this year...now we're on to mom-created for the time being.) 


If MEP is going well, could you just do that? What do you feel the IP is adding for her? 

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In our house, my ds does BA MWF and an abridged MEP TTh. We will probably move to Pre-A before BA finishes publishing 5th grade, so MEP covers fact review, topics we won't get to, other quoted problems, and different approaches.


I don't do any prep for BA, he just does the next thing. For MEP I print the student sheets, react the problems he knows or that are redundant, then I skim through the lesson plan looking for interesting class problems, introduction of new concepts our vocabulary, or anything else I don't want to miss. Every few lessons I find something we should do together.


Good luck!

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