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Renaissance Unit Study


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My kids have really enjoyed a project based study we did on the early middle ages - the times of Vikings and knights and crusades. They read, wrote, made weapons, cooked, made diorama's, etc. This was the first time we sort of followed out interests/whims and lots of learning happened. 


They now want to do the same thing for "The Renaissance." Any suggestions? I prefer to have a handy 4-day schedule with a all inclusive kit. Ha! Wishful thinking, I know.


What topics would be important in this time period? Which people? 


DS is almost 11, DD is 8.

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Here are some random ideas that I remember my kids enjoying:


The renaissance art game

Chaucer (especially the coloring book and a graphic novel for kids)

Excavating English

Brother sun sister moon movie about St Francis

Terry Jones documentary on crusades

Supersizers go Elizabethan (and then recreating historical meals at home)

Shakespeare plays (or watching a movie when the play was not in theatre)

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