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Book suggestions for mid-Elementary


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The kid is reading me into the poor house.  (Yes, we have a decent library, but so far the puppy's "reading" has cost me $40 in replacement book fees this month, so I've been buying used on Amazon because if I have to take in another chewed up book and pay for it, I might die from embarrassment.)  


This week he read Charlotte's Web, One & Only Ivan, and part of Family Under the Bridge.  It is Wednesday.  That was his reading and discussion time reading, not his free reading (which mainly consists of contemporary character junk or non-fiction).  The comprehension is there, he can retell the stories and describe main characters, setting, plot.  Thinking I need to up the difficulty level for him and give him something meatier to chew on, ideas for solid books without mature or depressing themes? 

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Here are some that I can think of, there are thousands more of course:)


Peter Pan

Princess and Goblin

Princess and Curdie

At the back of the North Wind

Men of Iron

Swallows and Amazons

The Saturdays

Alice's Adventures n Wonderland

Through he looking glass

Roald Dahl book

Black Beauty


The Secret Garden

The Moffatts

The Borrowers

Gone Away Lake

Robinson Crusoe

The Peterkin Papers

Rip Van Winkle

Oliver Twist


Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Prince and the Pauper

Captains Courageous

Treasure Island

Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates







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How old is he, and are there any subjects you want to avoid? Edit: D'oh, now your post makes more sense. Do you know, I read that as WITH mature themes? I don't know if my eyes are broken or my brain, but I swear I read that sentence, like, three times. Still, the question remains - what's a "mature theme" to you? So many people have different views on that subject, in my experience!

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He's 8, almost 9. Re subjects I'm not sure, other than we are in year3 for history so probably prefer to avoid themes around slavery and Holocaust until we get to them in context.


Smootwater-- thanks for your suggestions! He loved the abridged Oliver Twist and Prince and the Pauper. Do you think the full versions would be appropriate? He gorged on Dahl this summer, multiple times thru all his books. Off to research the others!

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A few of Enid Blyton's would be suitable for a boy that age. 


The Children of Cherry Tree Farm and sequels

The Adventurous Four and sequel

Perhaps the circus books?



My brother's favourite at that age was a book called 'Mr Pudgins' about a male babysitter with a flying bathtub or some such. :)

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