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Christmas Gifts for 8 yo girl?

Plateau Mama

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I am looking for ideas for my niece. She will be turning 8 on Dec. 23, then we have Christmas of course. Here's the catch, this girl is SPOILED as in, she has an entire bedroom (not her bedroom, an additional bedroom), with floor to ceiling shelves filled with toys.


So, I'd like something that is consumable, or at least educational. The girl is very behind in school (not reading yet). From what I'm told won't sit still for anything.


I'd prefer two separate gifts vs one larger one, though they can go together. I just refuse to combine her birthday & Christmas.


We live 3000 miles away so an experience isn't an option.

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A couple sets of classic audiobooks?  Perhaps with a themed playset to go along with it?


A camera?


My kids are spoiled like that too, but at least I know what they like.  My kid who doesn't love reading is into beauty stuff.  Not a very fun gift to give.  Though the "heels" I gave her for her 8th birthday were a huge hit.  :)  Her main 8yo birthday gifts were heels and a camera.  Her favorite Christmas gift that year was a remote control Harry Potter wand.  If we ever get around to programming it, it can be used to control the TV.


My kids also liked DS games at that age.  A board game might be nice too.  My 8yo likes her Yoga board game.

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A gift certificate to a local manicure place so she can get a cool/funky manicure? (Could you ask her mom about a local place that would work?)


ETA: If she did read at all, I'd suggest The Daring Book for Girls, plus maybe some supplies to start her own supply kit per the book.


A hammock?


Fairy decorations for outdoors or stuff to create her own fairy garden? And maybe a Fairy House book to go along w/ it? (The books are almost all photos; here is one but there are more by Barry & Tracy Kane; the books are just lovely & full of fun/cool ideas.)

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