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do you pick up Christmas gifts when the kids are with you?


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Ideal situation: husband goes with you so one of you can distract dd while other pays/takes to car--we've successfully done this with our dd not even knowing anything was purchased, but she's only 5yo, and it requires both of us since we have no other kids.


Just as good if your other kids are good at it: take one of your other kids with you. Kid can either ferry things to the register while you distract dd, or can distract dd while you ferry things. Kid distracts dd at the end while you pay.


Less ideal but still workable: make a list as you go--write down pretty much everything so you dd can't tell what you're noting, but put asterisks by the things you want. Discreetly explain the situation to a sales clerk while your dd is looking at something, give them the list, and ask them to assemble things for you. Then you send dd off to look at something, go check the selections, and pay.

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When DH was with me, he bought and ran it to the car while we kept wandering. If I had been there alone, no way would my kid have missed an extra bag. I ordered online and shipped to his office. They come in brown boxes, but I was afraid she would recognize the return address. Now my second child, I could probably buy an elephant and simply tuck it under my arm... Third misses nothing either, and has caught us trying to sneak something at a Target when she was 2. Fourth, well, we will see.

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