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Does anyone have a list of the vendors that will be at the FPEA hs convention?

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(the end of May)


I want to see who will be there but found that you can't get that vendor list until you register. I don't plan on registering till later...but am curious if I will be able to see some of the curriculums I am interested in at the convention.


Any ideas?



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They will have a vendor list available beforehand and you can look at it before you register. If you are a member of the FPEA you will get a convention program in the mail soon. Plus they will post the vendors and speaker schedule on the website - I noticed they aren't posted yet.


Have you been before? Is there any one particular vendor you are wondering about?


Maybe you could list them here and those of us who have been can let you know if they are regularly at the convention.

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I agree with Brenda.


If you want to find out about specific vendors, you could e-mail them and ask them if they are going to have a booth or have workshops at the convention. I did this and found out that Analytical Grammar was giving a workshop (and if you attended you would receive a 10% discount on purchases) and also that Andrew Pudewa (IEW) was going to be a speaker and they would also have a booth. I remember Andrew Adams of "Teaching the Classics" is going to be a speaker also...from a FPEA newsletter a couple of months ago.


They will have a detailed vendor list and schedule as the time gets closer.

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