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Our cats' division of labor


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Cute :). I'm surprised any school gets done at all around with 2-3 cats and a dog trying to "help" at any one time.

The Homeschool Kitty is similar; she's usually more if a hindrance than a "help,". In fact, her other nickname is "Homeschool Problem #1." The Grad School Kitty is much less of a nuisance.


We have one that particularly keeps waiting for some homeschooling to happen at the kitchen table. She loved the good ole days. Great pictures!

Poor kitty!
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The Grad School Kitty is actually grey and white, not black, but the lighting was bad.


I love it when cats sleep like that  :001_tt1:  then I can go in and bury my face in their fur and give them raspberries....which they adore :001_rolleyes:

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