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Help me figure this out!


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My first grader is reading pretty well but still doesn't have confidence in himself, meaning he tells people he can't read and says he doesn't know how when in reality he's reading much better than my older two at his age and they were both very strong readers. 

Here is where I need help thinking. We have been using 100 ez lessons for reading, we are at lesson 50 but he's been complaining and I really think he is getting bored so I went to the last story at the end of the book to see if maybe it was too easy for him and he read it pretty darn well! I only had him do two sentences and he only needed help with two words, he was reading the rest the fast way for most of the words and able to sound out the rest quickly getting them right after 1 time. He is obviously reading much better than I realized! So what do I do now? I could still use 100 easy lessons just to practice reading since he still needs to learn a few sound combinations and since its not very repetitive it doesn't bother him.

He still needs help with some sound combinations so I thought well we'll use progressive phonics but it is not his favorite, he says its a baby book and truthfully it is easy for him. He learns and retains VERY quickly and gets frustrated doing too much repetitive work or when its overwhelming to him.

I have the book phonics pathways but its not his favorite book since it has so many words on 1 page, even though we usually only do half or I cover everything except what we are reading with a piece of paper.

Or maybe I should just go into real books like Henry and Mudge or Frog and Toad? That could boost his self esteem so he realizes he can read. Or it could overwhelm him too, I'm just not sure. 

A few other things to consider: He is super smart but VERY active and hands on. Even though hes smart he gets overwhelmed and bored  easilyWe have no money for anything else. Literally I can't spend anything else, I can print since we have a stockpile of ink and paper so if you have suggestions on free printable stuff I can do that but I can't buy anything else.

My resources I have:

100 ez lessons

Phonics pathways

17 readers from sing spell read and write

Progressive phonics

Library books

Books we have at home


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I know this is dumb but what exactly is a leveled reader? Is that like Bob books? Or like a Dr. Seuss book?


They are the readers that have the numbers on the front. So like the Frog and Toad books, Henry and Mudge, that sort of thing. Our library had them all together on one set of shelves. I'd start with level one and work your way up.

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