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Could we try to assemble a gift guide?


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When my dc were younger, huge hits were:


Tack sets (hammer/tacks type sets) from Haba

Wooden play food from Haba (love their things! If you search just for 'food' on the website, it also includes 'soft' play foods they have.)


Lego (especially minifigures)

American Girl


Breyer horse stuff (including a gorgeous wooden horse stable)



Large, soft frisbees (similar to these)




Nice coloring pencils & markers (Lyra; Stabilo)

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When my dc were younger, huge hits were:


Tack sets (hammer/tacks type sets) from Haba

Wooden play food from Haba (love their things!)


This is FANTASTIC! Thanks!


Love the ideas. Keep them coming!


One thing I haven't seen mentioned that has gotten so much use here:


Perler beads. And if you go to their website they have patterns for larger projects. My girls started with these around 4- and still use them.




Klutz books


Usborne books.


Oldest is learning to crochet-she is getting hooks and various yarn to experiment with.

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Meghan's wish list (she just turned 12)


Horseback riding lessons


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle for her 3ds


Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics I Love Horses


A couple of other arts and craft sets.


The Guardian Herd: Storm Bound by Jennifer Lynn Alverez


Wings of Fire Book Seven: Winter Turning by T. T. Sutherland


Serafina and the Black Coat by Robert Beatty


She would love tons of books really!


A magazine subscription, have to decide.


The Rotating Time Turner necklace Hermione wore.


A couple of board/card games to add to our collection.


Inside Out DVD


I have her stocking to do too. I would love some more great ideas on that.

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I killed the Christmas Idea thread? :scared:



I don't know how to post a FB pix, but I had a good one come across my feed yesterday.


elf, from the movie, being bouncy with a big smile.


caption - Halloween weekend is over, can we put up the Christmas tree now?

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Kinetic Sand is a huge hit here....along with that stretchy dough that never dries out.


My kids are crazy over Shopkins this year...even the boys..


Duplo..my older kids still play with this daily even thought they also have regular Lego. It builds faster and bigger and they love to make houses for their figurines.


Skylander figures...we have been collecting them for years now and have eleventy billion. My kids never tire of them. They spend more time playing with them off the Wii then they do on. Their most loved toy and features on every birthday and Christmas list and still make their eyes light up like nothing else.


Imaginext toys


Stuffed toys...actually in our house ..stuffed dogs and cats ( especially cats)


My Little Pony


Matchbox cars


Littlest Pet Shops

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