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If your kids like Climbing to Good English set up for English, what options are there for high school levels???

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My kids love the work book set up and straight forward approach of Climbing to Good English but it ends in 8th grade. What is out there that will be even close to CTGE for high school grades?

The do not like IEW, WWE, Wining with writing, R&S, Essentials in writing.

Thank you in advance.

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Well, high school English courses are generally half literature and half composition, which don't fit in tidy little workbooks as well.


TWTM has a good plan for doing literature and comp My highschoolers have used a different composition book every year, and we build our own literature courses. This year they're using Writing With a Thesis and They Say I Say.


Grammar study is usually set aside in highschool and just reviewed as needed. We did like Stewart English workbooks for grammar review.

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