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2 in 1 laptop?


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Do you mean something that can be a tablet or used with a keyboard?

I have the Surface Pro 3. Love it, use it for work. Stylus is outstanding, great resolution, can draw and write very fine lines. Full laptop cpu means it is reasonably powerful. I still prefer my regular laptop for writing longer texts; the keyboard is OK, but not as good as a real keyboard.

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I have a Yoga 2 Pro which is a laptop with a screen that will flip 180 degrees so it can be used like a tablet (although it's thicker since the keyboard is still attached) or as a stand.


I like it.  It has a full keyboard so works well as a laptop, I can flip it around into a easel type thing to watch movies or read books on it, the touch screen is useful, and I can use it like a tablet with apps.

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