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Latin SAT Subject Test Is Only Offered in Dec and June

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Heads up for high schoolers doing Latin. The SAT Subject test for Latin is only offered in Dec and June.


We had planned on the June exam last year but had conflicts with other big commitments and had to defer until a fall sitting. But that meant my oldest wont be able to take the Latin exam.


Subject tests can be taken at any point in high school. Many peoe reccomendation taking them right after the course in question. They are one hour exams and a student can take up to three in a test sitting.

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I was just wondering about this since DD is now in Latin 2 with Lukeion. I think I read here that it's best to take SAT Latin right after Latin 2b so basically after finishing up Wheelock.

I guess it depends on how much Latin she's planning to do. Ds will be partway through AP Latin.

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My oldest daughter took it December during the year she was enrolled in AP Latin.  People I know have had great success in attaining high scores after Latin 3 as well as during or Post-AP.  It depends on how much review the student wants to do and/or how easy retention of minutiae is for them.

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