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Last night, I dreamed...


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...that First Language Lessons 5 was released (along with a couple other nonexistent levels of programs, but I can't remember the others). And that there was an email sent out with a special code where you could get it for free if you used the code within 24 hours, but I hadn't read my email carefully enough so I missed out on the deal. I was very annoyed with Dream Me for that.


I'm not sure whether the lesson to be learned from this dream is "read emails carefully" or "start thinking about things besides homeschooling and curriculum, because that is a weird thing to dream about," lol!

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Last night...I dreamed that I was being attacked by a lion out in the wild, but I could run to the mall nearby and be safe...but the mall closed down as soon as I reached it!! It was terrible!


I would love for FLL 5 to come out. My son will be done with FLL4 this year. I would totally buy it!

Weird. My DH just had a lion-involved dream the other day. There were lions in the woods and he couldn't open the gun safe. He was telling our party guests to stay inside. :D

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