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BA 3C Long Division: Where have you been all of my life???

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How is it that I continue to learn new things about math from a 3rd grade math program? It is humbling, to say the least.  I just love the way they teach long division, and it is SO GREAT for my perfectionist child who practically wears holes in the paper erasing "mistakes."  Guess how many times the divisor goes in to the dividend. If you guessed too high, yeah, you have to erase. But if you guessed too low, don't erase, just divide some more!  It's truly brilliant, in that it makes the connection between long division and repeated subtraction explicit, and it also highlights the principle that it's ok to guess, to try something, see where it takes you, and go on from there. Everything doesn't have to be perfect on your first try.  


Just loving on BA some more today . . .  :D

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I thought the same thing when we did that section!  We actually did short division in Right Start first, but the reasoning for why it worked and how it fit into the big picture of division didn't seem to "click" with DS#1 (and that's weird for a RS topic!).  But after doing that BA intro to long division, DS#1 really seems to *get* it now.  I'm interested to see how they continue with long division in 4B.

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I agree with you, Rose. I've been trying to sneak the method into my MM-studying dd's brain.


Yeah, it's funny - we've been doing MM4 "on level"  this year, and BA about a half year behind as a supplement. But lately she has been enjoying BA much more, and MM much less, so I'm tempted to drop MM and let her just do BA.  But then I worry that we will be "behind", and I wonder if the reason she likes BA is because she's doing 3rd grade level, not 4th (not that that makes it easy or anything!!)  and I second guess myself.  I remember from when I did MM4 with my older dd that it was a real slog at the beginning, but at the same time it has prepared her well.  I guess I'm trying to have it both ways right now, and wondering whether to let go of that.

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