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Tips for Teaching Finance 7th-9th grade

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I am teaching a co-op class of Finance for the teens. We only have kids through 9th grade coming now.... We are using Crown Finacnial for Teens as our core materials, but I want to cover stock market investing too. Anyone heard of something I can use. At this point I am creating it all.


Since I think I bit off more than I can chew... I would love some advice. :confused:

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I don't know anything about Crown Financial, so I don't know if the following sorts of things are covered in it, but here goes.


For free stuff on investing, including the stock market, I think anything published by the Vanguard people, either online or in print would be clear and reliable. Here's the link to the personal investor portal:https://personal.vanguard.com/us/planningeducation


Perhaps you could borrow from your public library some of the books by the company founder, John C. Bogle. These are his themes: watch out for high expense ratios and transaction costs, invest for the long-haul, investments with higher returns have higher risks.


This kind of stuff is not as sexy as stock picking, but statistically it's unlikely that an individual with investments in a few stocks can beat a market index for the same level of risk over long periods of time.


Somewhere on the site (and elsewhere I'm sure) is a chart with one or two paragraphs comparing early IRA investing starting in one's early twenties versus waiting until one's forties. This picture of the power of compounding would be a wonderful thing to impart to the class.


All the best to you and your class.


I do not have any ties to The Vanguard Group, Inc., other than keeping my IRA there.

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Momof7 told me about the Stock Market Game. I attended an organizational teacher meeting and found it to be quite interesting, but could never find anyone else who had the time and inclination to participate.


You can start here and PM momof7 for more information. After yesterday's market tumble, the Stock Market Game might prove to be incredibly interesting!



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