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CLE Cursive... need more practice!

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DS10 is doing CLE LA 3 and is loving the cursive practice!!! We just finished the second LightUnit, and he has learned all the upper and lower case letters. (Yay!) Unfortunately, the next LightUnit goes right into copying paragraphs. It is WAY too soon for him to start that. He needs some interim practice on connecting cursive letters together. Does anyone know if there are any resources (preferably worksheets) that I could print off or make to get him from individual letters to two or three letters in a row? I looked on CLE's website and found the I Can Write book, but it appears that it is more of copying sentences (at least from their sample).


Please advise! Thank you!

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We also use CLE and my son is in the same boat. I've added this workbook for extra practice.






Does the work book have a section on putting letters together? I couldn't tell from the table of contents... Thank you!

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