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Life of Fred science


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We have biology, physics and chemistry. I would consider them a fun supplement and a nice set of math problems, but not a complete curriculum in and of themselves. Which is actually what I consider the math books as well at the high school level, so if you find that they're a complete program for your kids, keep that in mind.

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My older two have gone through the Life of Fred middle school sequence starting with Honey -- working independently, as the author recommends -- and they're currently doing pre-algebra with physics and biology.  They're enjoying it a lot, and from a math perspective, I appreciate the emphasis on solving practical problems in context and having the children think for themselves, rather than the AoPS approach of giving isolated puzzle problems and walking them through the process step by step. 


For our family, the physics and biology are just a bonus, as we weren't planning to require any formal science before high school.   In the middle grades, we've found it best to limit our "school time" and spend most of it on foundational work in the arts (including foreign languages and music), then let them explore in their free time.  Because of this, I haven't compared the scope of these books to other science curricula.   I think there might be some old threads with that sort of information. 


[ETA link to thread with some discussion of the Physics book: Who's used Life of Fred middle school books?  Starting with Fractions]


We don't have the chemistry text -- which is supposed to be high school level, minus the lab -- but will probably end up getting it before too long, because we love Fred so much.  :001_smile:

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