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Who's going to tackle Monday with Me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning :)


--dd Arabic; training session at gym for me

--dd ballet 7:30-9


--daily and Monday things

--all the usual school stuff

--check SAT and ACT dates

--email teen volunteers

--email SO team members about event choice

--file lots and lots of paperwork

--check college list for testing and homeschooler requirements



Today is our 24th anniversary :party:

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Good Morning...


Happy Anniversary Luckymama!!  :party:



I've missed you guys and have been so busy!   We just did a 10 day fall senior trip/vacation for our last kid.  We went to New York and the Redskins game yesterday.   I'm now ready to settle back in at home and get the rest of this school year done!



go get ID for son 

cook a big supper

get back on my eating plan and exercise

trim back bushes and deadhead hydrangeas 

a quick tidy of the house

1st bookclub online tonight---Wicked Women of the Bible 

go to bed at a reasonable hour 


Have a great day everyone!


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Hi guys!  I kinda wish I could skip a week!  I have some more deadlines today and a conference call.  On the positive side, it looks like I might have the house to myself from about 9-4.  On the negative side, I'm not feeling super awesome today.


Today's list:

  • Work before kids get up.  [done]
  • Kids up & out to school.  [done]
  • Some stretches.  [done]
  • Work.
  • Clean kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.  [done]
  • Would love to start some laundry, but may not get to it.
  • Kids' work.
  • Kids to swim.  Work/walk while they swim.
  • Pay traffic ticket.  :/
  • Dinner on the fly.
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Work during gym.
  • See about the air in my tires?  My car keeps saying they are low.
  • More kids' work.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Good morning! Busy day here.


To do:

School for all

Chores for all


Finish trim and doors for bedroom #1

Trip for paint/part for a door/boxes

Trip to goodwill

Pack more stuff

Carpet guys coming to measure

Call city for pick up

Check with Dh about other calls

PM practice/aikido


Have a great day!

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Happy anniversary luckymama!



It amazes me how quickly the house can into disarray after taking the weekend off from straightening up daily! I've got a lot of laundry and cleaning to do today.


- laundry washed, folded,away

- wash dishes

- everyone clean downstairs for 15 minutes

- clean my bedroom

- clean master bath

- kids quick clean their room

- read for an hour

- kung fu?

- pet sit

- whatever else the kids want to do

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Good morning, rather tough day so just trying to keep busy. My daddy died 10 years ago today :(

- dishes- in dishwasher

- laundry- load in dryer

- tidy house- round 1 done

- school work- psych quiz done, some stat notes, read some A&P, wrote down week's assignments

- make shopping list

- make list of school stuff to get (I'm trying to spread it out and yet have it all by January 11th when classes start) this will also be my Christmas list :)

- get dd1 off bus- done

- Girl Scouts- done

- dinner- in crockpot- done

- baths- not needed

- bedtime routine- 1 down 1 to go

- anything else I get done- took a short nap with dd2, got a few things from walmart, took vitamins

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(((MomtoCand J)))


Happy Anniversary, Luckymama!


Quiet, rainy day here after a stressful weekend. Trying to recover some routine and enjoy a slower paced day.




train puppy - he is wearing me out!

prep cooking for later in the week

figure out dinner - something with chx br.

call my mom

sign up for dental insurance

make bread?

find a recipe for pumpkin waffles

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done including my shots - dh looked at the gauge of the needles and said "no wonder they hurt so much" but they are the only needles approved by my doctor according to the pharmacist so there you go.  

bunny back feet nails clipped.

waffle iron put back in the closet

garbage put out

recycling put out

I cleaned 2/3 of the kitchen and dh cleaned the last 1/3 of it.  Thank you!

math struggled through with dd - even dh pitched in today because she was looking at me blankly .  He said the exact same thing but somehow it got through.

did Malware bytes scan on computer and removed a few problems

ds to work and back

ds got my computer to print finally

dd did her science video though she spent a lot of that time with her back to the screen so I don't know how she got the information.  It might bite her in the rump when she is tested on it soon but oh well.

filled pill boxes



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I lived through the conference call, got a report out, and made some good progress on some other reports.  Still behind, but I feel better having one less report hanging over my head.  :)


Now back to it.  My client is turning around my reports as fast as I can send them.

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Spent an hour on the computer and phone with Dh's benefits people trying to find out the cost to add DC to dental coverage. Utterly unsuccessful.

By the time I got to a person, I was refused access to this info because I am not Dh and am not authorized to access that information.

I am his wife! I have all his info, SSN, d.o.b.,passwords etc. Each individual call  from me has to be authorized by him or they will not give me any info. I can do things online, change benefit elections etc. but  I need information to do that.

Dh is in a meeting and he cannot make calls.


The deadline is today, 6pm CST. He will not be out of the meeting before then.

So I can elect coverage blindly, with no clue of the cost . Or not and possibly pay way more for Dd's braces than we might otherwise have to. 


I hate this stuff!





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I did 5 loads of laundry which will get folded while dh and I are watching a horror film tonight. Other than that and pet sitting not much got done. I got extremely weak this afternoon and spent a few hour sleeping on the couch while the kids played around me.

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Let's just punt Monday and move on to Tuesday?



Dinner is almost cooked.

Folded and put away 3 loads of laundry. 

Both kids did math, piano, wrote something and read something today.

I appealed to the dog trainer for advice.

The dog is not this minute destroying anything, lying on my furniture or nipping at anyone.

I have a good novel to read when kids go to bed.

I have rocky road ice cream.



I yelled at my kids today.

My dryer is making a weird noise.

Dh's car has the check engine light on. Again. So he has my van. So I am stuck here and cannot even do errands until he gets home at 7 or 8. 

Medical bills!

Church politics. 

Budget crunch. May have to drop some really good things for kids (tutorial, summer camp, sports) to pay for car, braces, medical bills etc.










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Ugh besides just being the day that it is, I realized I forgot to take my vitamins last night. No wonder my focus is shot and I feel like crap. Going to bed early and will know tomorrow will be a better day because I remembered to take my vitamins. Though my sweet dh bought me a card today and some much needed Hershey's chocolate ðŸ˜

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Kids informed me at 9pm that they had a 3-page assignment due tomorrow.  (Written answers to open-ended questions about their reading story.)  Why do kids do this?  I think I might have to make a rule that the kids can't play outside after school on Mondays.  Straight to the homework or else!


I wanted to say I got one more box from the porch put away.  Now I think we are down to 1 box left.


Laundry is not happening today.  I'm tired.  I think I will sleep a bit and then work in the wee hours again.

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