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Camera question


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I have a nice Canon EOS.


the other day I noticed the small red light flickering--back of the camera, lower right hand quadrant--next to the wheel.


According to the manual, this light flickers when it's writing to the card.


Right now it flickers all the time.


I've cleaned half the photos off the card in hopes that would help. No change.


Is this a sign the card is going bad or that my beloved camera is having issues?

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It could be your card is failing. They do have a lifespan, and I've had them start to play up after just a few months and that's the mid and higher range San disk cards. Is your camera writing images to the card at all? You've not suddenly taken up sports photography?


Deleting individual images also can cause the card to fail over time, it's much better to download all images to a computer and format the card to erase it.


You could also try formatting your current card and see if it helps.

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