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Scary movie on Netfix?

Chris in VA

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The Village


I saw this in the theater years ago when it was out. I went by myself. (I was traveling w/ dh while he was on a business trip; he hates scary movies, so I went alone.) At the end of the same row I was in, there was a very tough/macho looking young man (guy in his 20s, I would guess). At one point, that guy jumped & screamed so loudly (at something that happened in one scene) that I jumped because of him. :lol:  It made me chuckle that he was scared! I still laugh about it when I think of that movie.


So, yes, this might be a good one for a scary movie option. Lol.


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The Village is one of my favorites!

Seen the Babadook--really liked it, too.


Stonehearst Asylum is a big maybe.


Anyone like The Awakening?


I want a super creepy scary movie.



I did like the Awakening. It's been a few years since I've seen it, but it was creepy thriller more than outright scary I think. 

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