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Anyone familar with Atelier Art Program? HELP????

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I was given this program, and want to use it, as my children LOVE art, and I haven't an artistic bone in my body. I planned on using it once a week, but I am totally confused by the format. :confused: Any tips?



we'ved used it. I don't get hung up on the TM. Plus my dd got frustrated waiting, she just wanted to paint & draw. Soooo we just put in the dvd. She watches the lesson once, gets out the supplies and does it.


Then she'll watch it again and compare her artwork with the kids in the dvd.


Then she'll draw it again, stopping & starting the dvd for the step-by-step affect.


Then she'll do it again, again, and again until she's mastered it.


She loves it. We got 4B for this year.

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Oh, if you hadn't watched a video yet....that would make sense as to why you were confused. LOL


Most of the real how to info is in there. That is the beauty of the program you really don't have to do much to get the benefit from it.


Hope you enjoy!



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