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HELP. Does this sound like YOUR schedule????

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***schedule FOUND! It was Kristen in NC's schedule!!! SHE ROCKS!!!


or someone's you've seen before?? I can't find it again!!!

I was trying to set up my schedule and lost the one that i was using for inspiration....and i'm sorry that i'm pretty vague in my description....


Ok, the person had herself and maybe 3 kiddos on the chart, she woke up EARLY in the morning like around 4:30 i think?, it was done on excel i believe.., she used flylady and had the chores listed out on maybe 2 seperate charts or lists at the side and/or bottom, It was done in different colours(i'm pretty sure!), the schedule included the entire day and what they'd be doing-not just the schooling portion, I also believe that they had a gr 3 or 4 kiddo...i'm grasping at straws here! lol..OH! and i might have found it from checking out the "weekly report thread"....???


HELP ME!! This was an awesome schedule!!! I NEED to see it again!!!!

thankyou :D

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I have a file in excel that was based on the "Managers of Their Home"


We each have a color assigned to us, and I scedule, morning routines, (based on fly lady) email time, :001_smile: dinner, pretty much anything that I need to get done. It can be overwhelming if you are not a schedule person, but I would be happy to send you an email attachment.


Let me know.


Sounds like it might be the one!

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