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Metric system


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Agree with the above. It depends on what exactly you mean by teaching a child the metric system, too. If you're looking for a general understanding of what the units mean, the more hands-on work you do, the better. Measuring tools are good, but using metric measurement in daily life is also important:  How many milliliters of soda are in the can? How many kilograms is the cereal box? How many kilometers is it to grandma's house? etc.  

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At that age, in addition to the focus on actually measuring things, I'd mostly just make sure that a child knows what measurement is what. Like, a millimeter is a little measurement for length, a liter is a measurement for how much liquid (in little kid terms...), etc.


There are picture books. There's a Brian Cleary one and a Math Start one, I'm pretty sure... I'm sure there are others too.

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