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Time per day with TWTM vrs. Memoria Press Curriculum Packages?

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I have successfully used TWTM recommendations for the past 3 years with my two oldest.  They are currently doing 3rd grade work.  I feel like the Peace Hill Press materials are pretty much pick up and go, I spend very little time planning in the subject areas of phonics, grammar and writing.  What I do spend time doing is coordinating all subjects for the week/year.  I will have one child starting kindergarten in Dec. of this year and another starting in late spring next year.  I've been looking at Memoria Press Full Curriculum packages and like that they come with full weekly lesson plans.  It appears this would make my job easier without sacrificing a classical education, but beyond the planning aspect, I don't have any good reason to switch curriculum.  I'm not a fan of switching curriculum just to try something new and spend more money.  I'm also committed to my kids having a classical education.


Does having lesson plans save enough time to justify switching curriculum?  Do you find you spend time  modifying  the lesson plans anyway?  Does Memoria Press take more/less time total per day than using TWTM recommendations?  


Any thoughts are appreciated!  Thanks

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If you purchase the full curriculum with the lesson plans then the only thing you would need to do to prepare would be to review them and the teacher manuals so that you will be familiar with everything. If you customize the packages you can by individual lesson plans and their lesson plan template then cut and paste or type in your own plan and print it out. For me it has definitely helped cut down on time spent planning. This is our first year using mostly MP. I had used a couple of things from them in the past but for some reason I was nervous about switching over completely. This year (7th grade) we are using almost all of the 7th grade package. I went with wilson hill for an online math class because I already had the book. I wish I had made the switch years ago. For us it works. This has been the easiest year not only with planning but also implementation. My ds no longer whines and complains even when we get to writing a subject he despises. He is enjoying school again. I have made very few modifications to the lesson plans and the changes I made were done so that we would be on track for the 8th grade package. I will probably still have to adjust them a little next year for online classes, however, if your stick with the package and don't make any changes your planning time should be minimal. Hope this helps.

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