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Do you have a skin care program you follow?

Do you have a skin care program you follow? Care to share?  

  1. 1. Do you have a skin care program you follow? Care to share?

    • Definitely, started it in my 20's or earlier
    • Definitely, but started it in my 30's or later
    • I just use a couple special products, but not the cleanser/astringent/moisturizer routine.
    • Consistency has never been my thing. I own some items, but it's hit and miss.
    • Almost never do anything special for my face. Water's a great cleanser!
    • Other

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Just gave myself a facial (steamed my face and then used a mud mask and moisturizer) for the first time that I can remember in probably 20 years. It got me wondering if others are like me, or if everyone else takes proper care of their face. :)

I own a few skin care products, but they're not a set and I hardly ever take the time to use them. Like the makeup I own. It's probably time to toss it all and start over.

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I use the Oil Cleansing method twice a day, steaming my face and then massaging with 1 part castor oil and 1 part extra virgin olive oil. The dirty oil is then steamed back off with a hot towel. The theory is that oil dissolves oil, and it has made my pores much finer and my skin feels fabulous after. Optional, but I like to infuse my cleansing oil with a bit of dried rosemary or calendula and a few drops of essential oil, such as sweet orange or peppermint. It just smells so darn good that way, but plain is fine.


I follow with cool water and a citrus-based home-made toner. The recipe is on my blog. I avoid alchohol based toners since my skin is maturing a bit.


Next I use L'Oreal Revitalift Advanced Complete. This cream is the BEST! It's not too expensive from drugstore.com, and it absorbs right into my skin. I have sensitive, break-out prone skin, and I have no problems with this cream. Makes the fine lines disappear, and softens others (temporarily, of course!)


As we get older, it is important to exfoliate a couple of times per week. I just use baking soda and make a paste with extra virgin olive oil. This step is wonderful for making skin glow, getting rid of dry flakes, and enabling your moisturizer to really absorb.


Using natural products saves money and it's really fun to blend your own potions! The only store bought skin care product I am still using is the Revitalift. For more natural recipes, I recommend Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox! :cool:

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I have always had acne prone skin. As a teen I used all the horrible, drying "for oily/break-out prone skin" products I could find.

My skin was terrible! It was always red and sensitive and I would break-out anyway.

In my 20's I found a wonderful skin care routine from some department store make-up counter (might have been Estee Lauder or something, I don't remember). It was designed for sensitive skin and I loved it. My skin had never looked or felt better. Of course, shortly after discovering the company discontinued this line.

I looked for other products over the years, but have settled on Kiss My Face olive oil and honey bar soap and a moisturizer from the Grassroots line that Kohls carries. I also sometimes use essential oils depending on how my skin is doing. I would like to do something more natural for a moisturizer, but what I am using works nice.

I have thought of trying the oil cleansing method, but it just sounds like too much work for me. :)

I do have to say that backing off from all the oily skin products has made a world of difference!

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I began using Mary Kay when I was 26 and have used it faithfully since then.


I never go to sleep with make-up on.

I moisturize twice a day, everyday and use an extra-emollient night cream before bed.

I never put my face in the sun.

I wear sunscreen and usually a baseball hat when I am at the beach.


I know that I probably sound vain and neurotic and I am really not. I may not get a shower everyday and often go out to the library with bed-head, but I never forget to moisturize!:)

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I've washed my face with Noxzema since I was 15 years old. I have never had a problem with acne, large pores, etc. I have been blessed with *really* good skin.


I use the hydrofirming night creme moisturizer from Avon every other day. And I only wash my face when I shower, which is every other day (I'm too dry to shower more often! LOL). On the off days, I just splash my face w/water and off I go.

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I just started a few weeks ago, and so far I really like it. I'm 43, with very oily skin that still breaks out. I'm doing the whole enchilada; cleanser, toner, exfoliant, acne gel, moisturizer, and I try to remember to use an eye cream too.


I'm not always good at doing every step, but I try.


Prior to this, I was using products from acne.org. and some Mary Kay products.

Michelle T

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My insurance covers them so they are actually less expensive that good quality cosmetic counter products.


Face wash: Plexion at night( and Neutrogena liquid for my eyes and shower)

Exfoliant: Differin gel nightly when my skin is feeling rough, twice/thrice weekly other wise

Acne: Benzaclin for spot treatment


Moisturizer: Neutrogena for combo skin or Jason products.

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extremely dry skin I use

Mary Kay TimeWise exfoliant scrub 2-3 times per week

Daily I use either Rachel Perry's Bee Pollen Moisturizing Cream w/SPF 15

or Oil of Olay's Nightime Total Effects

I use a heavy/nighttime moisturizer all the time for my dry skin

I use Clinique's makeup remover and use the toner periodically, but not regularly

I recently started using Costco's Kirkland brand of Age-Defying Wrinkle Defense Serum........this stuff is awesome.....you just brush it over your face after moisturizing and it fills in a lot of the lines and just makes your face feel amazing.........smooth as silk.......


I really recommend professional facials at least quarterly if you can swing it......it really helps clear your skin and for me it reminds me to take good care of my skin.

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I remember when I was in my early twenties and didn't care about my skin. I actually would use dish washing liquid if I ran out of soap in the bathroom.:( Now I use an exfolliating cleanser two times a day, a moisturizer with sun screen during the day, and retinol at night. I have a ton of sun damage and am trying to make sure it doesn't get worse. I wear an spf of 30 when I run and 15 the rest of the time. I am 39 and want to age gracefully.

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I sell Avon, so I use it. I didn't used to have much of a skin care regimen before, but I think I've always had "problem" skin of one kind or another. Before, I would just tackle problems as they arose. Since I started using a mild cleanser and moisturizer daily, I've had no problem breakouts of any kind. I also exfoliate 2x/week and drink at least a gallon of water a day.


As for makeup, I always wear at least mascara and lip gloss. I feel like a dumpy frump if I don't.

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