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Latin Question - After reading LCC again, I need a better way.

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This is my current situation. My two oldest are in lesson 13 of LfC. I have the activity and lesson books for them, as well as the DVD's. However, we just don't seem to get it. I have an older version with tons of mistakes and it drives me crazy.


I bought Henle and we did 8 weeks of this together. However, I had to lead it completely and felt we needed more instruction and activities to concrete in the rules at this point. Thus, we went back to LfC, which we had not completed the year before. (Seeing a pattern?)


I decided to start LC I with my two youngest. They are in week 13 and doing pretty well, although it is very dry.


I would love to regroup and teach them all together for a half to full hour each day. Having seen it mentioned here and going to the LCC yahoo group, I saw Lively Latin mentioned often. Would this be a good fit? It seems I could buy and download the lessons for all. Is that how it works?


At this point, I want to get the basics down well. I think it would be more effective for me to teach all together and think this might be good. I hate to keep buying workbooks. I also like the history study included.


Can someone give me advice and guidance?

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Lively Latin is great. You would only have to buy it once and then use it for all 4. I would say that it might be a little light/slow for the 13 year old but I don't find it babish. He would just probably 'get it' alot faster than your youngers. That would be true though with any program.


I'm very happy with LL.

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II sent an email to her so hopefully I'll get something back soon.
It might take her a day or so; she'll email you the info. For some reason, my spam filter snagged her first email.
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