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AP Physics 1 Textbook rec?

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Oh My Land, my middle is floundering along in the AP Physics 1 class that he's taking in high-school as a part-time student.  They haven't issued a text-book, so all of the learning is supposed to come from the classroom notes.  That isn't going so well.  What are your kids using for an AP Physics 1 textbook?  



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This is the College Board's list of approved textbooks:



Honestly, there is not much difference between different texts. Get the one you can get cheaply, old editions are fine - the physics has not changed in 50 years.

I use Knight, Jones, Field for my College Physics classes.

No idea how well it aligns with the actual exam, but it's on the above list.

Giancoli is another good choice.

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Recommend you also get AP Physics 1:  Algebra Based by Greg Jacobs 2016 edition comes with downloadable extra practice.

This is a study guide for the AP test but it does have a whole year study plan.

We decided to take it in 2016-17 but I borrowed the Jacobs book from the library to look it over.


The author has taught AP Physics for many years.

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