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Help: Laptop screen not working and I probably need a new one anyway


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The other night I turned off my laptop but in the morning it was making noise like I had not so I pressed the power button shut. I tried opening my laptop later and it is turning on but the screen is not working. The screen has a bit of light in it when I turn it on but nothing else except a few seconds after I turn it on there are bars with different coloured pixels that flash on the screen for a few seconds and then nothing. Googling I thought it was a battery problem so I took it out, held the power bar for 20 seconds and tried again but that did nothing.


I don't have another computer. I need it badly for my son's project which is due and he already worked so hard on and my husband has a ton of deadlines this week. Also, my whole life is on it: pictures, homeschool organization, etc.

I have an external hard drive with everything except the project but I am scared it won't work.

The laptop is 5 years old and not under warranty and I wanted to buy a new one but haven't even thought of what to get. I am looking for something reliable. What is most reliable? How much do laptops cost now? How long does it take to get one?

I was thinking of taking my laptop to Staples to have them fix it. How much do you think that will cost and will they be able to do it? Will I have to return it factory settings and lose all my stuff?

Is there anything I can do myself to fix the machine?

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You don't say what type of laptop it is, but HP has video online support...although it doesn't sound like you have another source for watching the videos. I would take it to Staples, yes. They might not have to wipe it. It could be a problem with the video communication and all your hard drive stuff may be intact. It will not be terribly inexpensive; it could cost a couple hundred. However, it might cost zero. I took mine in once with a few ideas about what I thought it was. The technician hooked it to his monitor, verified what I suspected, gave me a bit of advice on repairing it, and I took it home and fixed it myself.


And I am in no way techy.

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