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Fun Halloween/fall themed activities for tweens?


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My 12 year old has a regular "playdate" on Saturdays with her 2 close friends, who are 11 and 13.   The next one is on Halloween, and my dd mentioned maybe they could "wear their costumes and do something Halloweeny".  


I am looking for suggestions for fun little games, snacks, crafts whatever for 3 tween girls for some daytime fun.   My dd doesn't trick or treat anymore, but her friends will go out later in the evening with their younger siblings.  I would make cookies or something with them, but I do not want to fill them with junk food.   They are all pretty sweet and "young" and aren't into any sort of spooky or gross Halloween stuff. 


TIA!  :lurk5:

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I saw a cute cheese ball made into a skull if you want a non-sweet treat.


What about carving a jack-o-lantern and roasting pumpkin seeds?


My kids really liked bobbing for apples at a local Halloween event last month.  Maybe hold an old-fashioned style Halloween party? So trick-or-treating....roasting pumpkin seeds....maybe even make and pull taffy?


Could they make some decorations and bring them over to a local senior center or nursing home?



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