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The Great Courses/Astronomy course geeks - guess who we get to see/hear in person this evening?? :D

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That's right, Dr. Alex Filippenko will be doing a lecture this evening at a university local to me!  I found out about it by accident, while perusing the university's astrophysics section online.  My reaction?  "ohmygoodness, it's the Great Courses guy!  He's coming all the way from California to this tiny little school here!"  Ds17 loves astronomy; and while he hasn't gotten through every single one of the 96 lectures in the big astronomy GC course, he has enjoyed the ones he has viewed.  So, off we go this evening!  And if the weather is good, there will be telescopes set up afterwards for night sky viewing.

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That was so cool!  He is just as smiley and friendly in person as he seems to be in his lectures.  And his teaching of complex subjects is so accessible to the public.  I asked my son afterwards if he wanted to go meet him, and he said no.  So I stood in line to shake his hand - a little while later my son came to wait with me.  Then he decided to hang around a bit to ask Dr. Filippenko a couple of questions. I sat back and listened to the two of them talk back and forth about neutrinos and a couple of other things I didn't understand.  :D  I'm pretty proud of my son!  heh heh


Karen, I think I read a book by Dr. Levine - I didn't know she did TTC lectures!

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Colleen, that is so cool.


The astronomy course has been on my wish list for years and I finally scored a used set of DVDs on ebay for a decent price - just in time for our senior science course. They are every bit as good as you all have been saying all this time. I am so glad you had a chance to hear him talk.

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