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Need study cubby/study carrel ideas


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We have four school age kiddos, and most of our schoolwork is currently done at our enormous kitchen table. I'm looking for ideas for creating study spaces for the kids, so they are less of a distraction to each other. What sorts of things have ya'll used? What works for you? 


Our 12 and 11 yo boys recently went with my husband to study at a University library. They were enthralled with the study carrels there, and they hunkered down, set up their space, and got through their work in record time. The 11yo came home, emptied a little nook in his closet, and the next day managed to shut himself in there and again went through his assignments in about 1/3 of his typical time. 


Two of the kids have ADHD, so having sides on the study area might be a big help in cutting down visual distraction....


Any ideas?

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I have used a Science Fair board with my son!  It is great because it is lightweight and easy to move around.  He decorated it with things he liked and we staple "study" materials on it for him (formulas, reminders, a schedule, etc.).  


This is what I was thinking of.  We have done this in the past.  It does help some kids.  Good thing is, it's cheap to try it out so if it doesn't work, there's not a big investment wasted.


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Guest notuntilcoffee

Last year, we enclosed our garage to increase the space in our small house.  Out there, I created a study nook for my ADHD son out of bookcases and a cabinet.  My husband put a desktop in a bookcase by replacing one of the shelves with a piece of finished plywood.  I put that in a corner.  Behind him, I put another bookcase perpendicular to the wall so that he has sort of a back wall, and secured it to the wall very well.  He was then enclosed on three sides: desk/bookcase in front, wall on one side and bookcase in back.  Beside the desk/bookcase, I then put one of those white melamine cabinets with doors.  When he opens the door of the melamine cabinet, it completely closes the open side of the nook.


For anyone wanting to try this, I would recommend a wide bookcase for the desk, 42†at least, to give a good amount of space to spread out.  We used a 30†one and it’s a little tight.  Also, use one that doesn’t have a stationary middle shelf because that might be too tall.  DS keeps his school books and supplies on the shelves above the desk.  Below the desk I keep completed work, books he’s going to use later in the year, art supplies, etc.  Just, be sure it’s ok to kick whatever is down there.  :)


No one place works all the time for us.  It's good to have a variety of places to work depending on the daily needs.  A variety of noise/music levels is important for us also.  Noise blocking headphones work sometimes also.


Hope this helps!



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