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Building Thinking Skills Primary, a step down from Beginning?


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We LOVED Critical Thinking Company's preK logic book, Building Thinking Skills - Beginning.

But we have been working through Primary this year and it seems to be almost entirely vocabulary building, and handwriting practice (in a logic book?!). We're really disappointed with it. We're also using Hands On Thinking Skills, and it seems all the benefits of BTS-P are also in Hands-On, without a whole bunch of pages of tracing/writing vocabulary words to describe things, which is nothing but busy work here. We're skipping, like, 2/3rds of the book, which makes it a pricey book for only about 100 worthwhile pages!


Has anyone else been disappointed by BTS-P?

Are the following levels better, like Beginning was? Or does it just go downhill from here? I hope it doesn't go downhill, I love the look of the series, I'm hoping this is just a phase focusing on reading and communication skills because of their age. 

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following. I had the same impression from leafing through that this was mostly busy work and I don't want that.  My oldest is going to be 5th grade next year so I need to consider adding logic to the schedule. 


A friend recommended Mind Benders instead and maybe Think a Minutes????  I am not sure on that last one. 


Open to recommendations.  

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I don't remember the Beginning level.  I am using the level 1 (grades 2 - 3).  On page 64 and there hasn't been a lot of writing.  More of drawing or matching.  There was a section that I scribed for him.  Flipping through it, looks like we can do the writing part orally. 


I really like it.  I also really like mindbenders, balance benders, and smarty pants puzzles. 


You can buy them used off of amazon, or currclick may have them on pdf form.  I personally didn't have a good experience buying one used.  But I know other people who had no problems. 



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