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Recommendation for a Play for Drama Class

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It would be easier to recommend something if we knew more about your group and what your preferences and limitations were.


Frequency and length of rehearsals?

Play or musical?

Secular group or religious?  

Preferred time length?

Number of actors?

Stage available for performance or not?

Budget for scripts, costumes, props, and set, or donations only?

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Our homeschool group put on Caddie Woodlawn once.  Sooo much fun!  It also satisfied everyone: secular or religious, funny, lessons learned, etc.  It maybe required a few more girls than boys I think, but it fit our group perfectly.  Other kids worked backstage, another worked as the announcer, etc.

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Our drama troupe alternates funny plays with serious plays. Serious ones include Pride and Prejudice and Nicholas Nickelby and this year they're doing A Midsummer Night's Dream. One of the funny ones was The Mouse that Roared, I can't remember the others. That's the high school group. The middle school group has done A Little Princess, The Red Shoe, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and this year it's Stuart Little.

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