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Apologia Biology - scheduling, tips, etc?

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Long story short, we need something designed for homeschoolers. We will supplement with documentaries, discussion, etc. But this is what is happening this year. Oh, and he hates biology. 


I ordered the textbook, student notebook, quizzes/exams, microscope, and slide kit. That will all be here today and tomorrow. Will order dissection stuff closer to when we are doing it, as I don't need a bunch of dead bodies in the house for months, lol. 


As far as scheduling, any tips? I found the Donna Young schedule, is that the best? I also ordered a copy of lesson plans/schedule from Christian book to compare. 


I also know that there is the virtual homeschool group class, but I need ot keep an eagle eye on this kid. If it's online, unless I can log in each day and see that he did it, that won't work. 


Any other things I should know? We won't use their evolution chapter, we will do our own thing for that. 

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I am planning for ds15 to begin Apologia biology next week.  (I wanted to wait until the PSAT was done.)  He's not really looking forward to biology...


Dd13 will also be doing Apologia bio this year, although she won't be starting it until about February.  She is working through the Physical Science book at about a module per week.  She loves science and is pretty self-motivated.


I originally planned for the two of them to do bio together, but dd13 wants to work at a much faster pace.  I don't know if she'll be able to do bio at a module a week, though.


Dd15 will probably take 2-3 weeks per module.  I was planning to let him do the first module and then set a goal/timeline for him.


Katie, do you know what documentaries you're going to be supplementing with?

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I'm thinking about getting the Apologia dvd.  My homeschool budget is shot for the year.  I should probably take some of that de-cluttering advice from the other thread and sell some things on ebay.  I wonder if my girls really need 200 My Little Ponies...

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