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Why does my jaw tighten-up right before bed?


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More specifically, I start to unwind in bed, either reading or watching a show or chatting with dh, and my jaw gets really tight and my tongue feels too big for my mouth. It doesn't seem to matter how I'm sitting/lying. I'm not concerned about an allergy. My diet isn't consistent, neither is my grooming routine. Meaning I don't always ay use the same products/toothpastes.


Does this happen to anyone else? Any thoughts?


I could Google, but you all have a better track record.

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There are some medications that can cause bruxism (clenching/grinding teeth) as a side effect.  I used to take a medication that caused me to clench my jaw.  I had to take another medication to combat the bruxism because I was afraid I was going to damage my teeth.  It was the worst at night when I was trying to go to bed, because it was one of the few times during the day that I wasn't talking or chewing LOL.  



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Does it happen if you lay down/recline during the day?


I wonder about reflux. And probably unlikely, but jaw problems can be a sign of heart issues/heart attack, so you might want to run it by your doc.

No, lying down at other times doesn't do it.


I do have reflux but take something in the morning.


Heart problems? Good lord. Well, I've been tested for heart problems with my reflux dx and have been really healthy so I hope not.


Thanks for all the ideas!

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