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How important is it to fix a thumb wrap pencil grip?


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I battled and battled my dd17 on this.  I got lost of those special grippy things to help, I reminded, I got her a fountain pen... she knew what to do, but the second I looked away, the thumb wrap happened.


I gave up.  And she has the neatest handwriting of my three kids (the other two have fine pencil grips), and is also a wonderful artist (and yes, she still has the horrible grip).  Go figure.

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So I asked the OT at ds3's preschool about it at pickup today. He didn't seem to think it was a huge deal and said with a younger child he would try to correct but with one her age he would just let it go.


I guess that's my answer. I tried imitating her grip and it doesn't seem to be significantly harder to write that way, just uses somewhat different motion.

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Though this raises the question of whether she has a retained Palmar Reflex?

Which is termed as the Grasp Reflex.

This is a reflex that we are born with, where any contact with the inner hand.

Causes a reflex movement, and the hand grips tightly.

Typically the ability to inhibit this reflex, develops during the first year.

But it can be retained.

So that holding a pen, can stimulate this reflex.

Where a pen is rather grabbed hold off.


So that it would worth looking at whether her 'thumb wrap grip'?

Is an automatic reflex grip of the pen?

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