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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Today I will not take a nap.  Today I will not take a nap.  Today ....


I am behind on some work I was supposed to complete yesterday, so I need to be productive!  Yesterday I was feeling kind of sick, today I am better.


The list:

  • Get up early to honor my 9yo's request to curl her hair.  ;)  9yo read some Harry Potter while I curled.  [done]
  • Get the kids ready and out to school.  [done]
  • Some exercise.  [done]
  • Clean kitchen and some clutter.  [done]
  • Work.
  • Clean kids' bathroom and other clutter.  [done]
  • Read a little.  [done]
  • A little more exercise.
  • Laundry.  [3 loads washed]
  • Move the kids' birthday presents upstairs.  [done]
  • Clear off the porch (yes, I still have to finish this).
  • Kids' work.  Miss A needs to finish Harry Potter book 1 today so she can take the AR test tomorrow.  And whatever else.
  • Kids' soccer practice.  Walk during soccer practice.
  • Dinner.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Morning all.


- put laundry away since I didn't get to it last night

- quick clean downstairs

- kids quick clean their room

- return library books

- get dinner done and fed to kids before kung fu

- kung fu for all kid's and cardio class for me

- pick up client's mail

- read for an hour

- Quick clean my room

- and anything else the kids want to do within reason

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Good morning!

Dh has my van because his car is in the shop, so a nice at home day here.


Regular school

Clean the house! My ILs are coming for dinner.

Spend some time training the dog and training kids to train the dog.

Put away my laundry


Dinner: mexican beef and black bean casserole, spinach salad, brownies and ice cream.


If I have time:

order new cardinal ring for bird feeder

pay for children's theater tickets

keep gathering info on orthodontists

make benefits changes through Dh's work.

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Good morning! Busy day today.


To do:

Eye dr for boys

School for all

Chores for all

Gas for van

Mail package (forgot yesterday was Columbus Day)

Rent dumpster/price storage space/call handyman

Finish moving things out of crawls pace

More books to goodwill ( the goal is to reduce books by half....)

PM practice/judo


Have a great day!

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Hmmm let's see

- dishes- done and put away, a few strays put in to wash after dinner to night

- tidy house- round one done

- laundry- in washer and dryer

- school work- posted initial response for A&P and statistics and started A&P study guide, waiting for response from statistics prof if I read his announcement correctly if so than no other work for that class except the discussion responses so that means I can catch up on notes for that class and the others. Hurray no statistics except for discussion :D

- fold laundry- all sorted, towels, dd1 and dh's and I's clothes are all folded and put away

- put bathroom back together- done for now, still need to put curtains up around shelving unit but I don't feel like sewing right now

- study for HESI- did some

- get dd1 off bus- done

- help dd1 with her school work- done

- dinner- lasagna- done

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done

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Crawl space is empty. Now to go through boxes. My dad saved everything of mine and his and I have to go through his stuff as well. My mom didn't want any of it and it was rescued by my brother, who has no storage space.


I will not leave random boxes full of stuff for my children...

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