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Meaningful Practice

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First thought: he's never played an instrument because mucisians most definitely do not practice the same piece again and again. There is nothing repetitive about practicing well other than actually practicing day after day.


You play hands separately, a single measure, play it slowly, etc, but you don't bang out the entire piece every single time until you've actually mastered the bits and pieces...which you have approached differently all the time.


Ok, now I'm just annoyed with the blogger.

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I don't really think he was saying that musicians practice in that way, he was just pointing out that they do a lot of repetition. The point of the post is really just what you said - there's something new being brought to the table every time one repeats something. 

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I'm really fascinated with the idea of "perfect practice," which I realize isn't exactly what the link is about. Maybe Meaningful Practice is the best I can hope for now with kids my ages. It would be a great start and/or practice with toddler-like enthusiasm. 2.5yo certainly brings a bit more of that to the table when he has 6yo's violin in his hands than 6yo does when she practices with me. ;)

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