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Book samaritan reminder...

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About this time of year we are all figuring out if our curriculum is a good fit or not! :) 


Sometimes, things just don't work out, and maybe books go back on the shelf for a period of time, to never be used.


Please think about donating to Book Samaritan if you are financially able, if you have the time, and a little bit of money for media mail shipping. It would mean the world to those who have nothing and are barely making it to survive homeschooling.


Even if the book has writing on the first pages. Many moms can erase really well, or white out and would be so thankful to get that language book, or math book, or what have you.


I am planning on sending some boxes and would love if many here could do the same.


If you are having a hard time, and do not have enough curriculum for your child, write Book Samaritan! They can and will help.



We used to have a FFS thread on this site as well, to help out the needy here. I remember that. I wonder if we could start that up again? And then delete our post once it is gone, that way people know what is up for grabs, and what is not. I would love for it to be a permanent sticky or something.


Life is so short, people need love and care, and it would be fun to help others. Just a thought.


Happy homeschooling everyone. :)





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