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Kitten Food


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We have 2 cats.  One is around 3 years old, and the newest kitten is 5 months old.  It is proving to be impossible to keep their food separate.  Each one wants to eat the other's food.


My question is - how necessary is it for the kitten to be eating only kitten food?  Can I switch her to the regular cat food and make our lives easier?

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If the food is high quality then a lot of the difference is just the size of it or how small the meat is. We have a kitten at the moment as well as 1 and 16 yr old cats. The kitten has a several meals a day separately but also pinches the other cats food and I don't worry about it if she is eating well because I know the food is good quality.  There is more of a difference with the lower quality food though, they have extras added to the kitten food. 

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