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Rod &Staff or IEW?

Allison TX

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We use both. I like the Rod and Staff writing lessons, but I don't think it's enough writing for the year. It would work if you had her write another of each type of paragraph, though.


I adore IEW and it is wonderful for reluctant writers.


Ok, not a great answer, maybe, except that you can't go wrong?

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I'm trying to decide between R&S  English 6 and IEW US History lessons with Easy Grammar Plus.


Which would you choose for a 7th grade natural but reluctant writer? 


Or should I consider something else altogether?


"Building Securely," the 7th grade text, covers these topics:


Character sketches

Descriptive writing

Gathering information

Note-taking (from sermons; from written material)

Organizing information




Social notes (invitations, thank you notes)


Additionally, it teaches oral explanations and reports, and using the atlas, encyclopedias, thesauruses, and topical Bibles.


If you generally tend to like textbooks, I'd go with R&S.

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I love R&S for grammar and IEW for writing.  I agree the R&S writing is simple and not enough probably for a 7th grader.  My 7th grader did an IEW intensive class this past summer so we are just integrating what we learned into his other subjects and focusing on the grammar with R&S.  You could always do R&S for grammar and then IEW History for the writing part.  To cut back on time we do most of the grammar verbally if we can and can't get done with a lesson in about 10-15 minutes then use the other time for writing.  HTH!

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