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small chef knife brand recommendations


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My son's wife wants a smaller chef knife. So my son asked me to help him find one for her, surprise for her birthday.


Anyone have a favorite? Henckel? Asian?


Amazon Prime would be awesome. BBB is more expensive, but we have one near us.



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Shun knives are awesome but expensive. They come in a range of sizes and are different for left vs. right hands, so if you go that route, you want to be sure to get the right kind. That's my favorite knife. I also have a Global (bought from Amazon) that I really like. The handle is a little small for people with large hands, but since I don't have that problem, I love it. Global is another Asian knife, and, like Shun, it will hold an edge a bit better than the German knives like Henckels. The angle of the sharpened part is also a bit different, so when honing it, you have to hold them at a slightly different angle. Since we've gotten a few Asian knives, I rarely use my Henckels and Wusthofs now.


This is the Global chef's knife that I have and love.

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I love the knife sets you get at Costco once a year. They only cost $20 for a set of 5, but they are very nice and sharp!   They have a small chef knife in the set this year.


Another fan of these. Ours are, I think, four years old and going strong. They get a LOT of use!!  We love the varied colors, too. They are called Komachi.


ETA: Correct the name brand's spelling

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for brands -



zwilling j.a. henckles (there's a difference between it and the other henckle knife)

chicago cutlery for a "budget" knife.


we had a santoku (chef-style) with our wusthof knive set. . . .  love. . . . love.. . . love. 


ds was moving out - so I got him one for christmas.



eta: and the wusthof bread knife.  <3

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